It is a time of uncertainty. A world full of anxiety and fear. We have been told to stock up on food, paper products, and household necessities. Some of us are working from home, and some of us are no longer working. We have lost our routines. Our children no longer leave to go to school. Everything is limited right now and it feels like we have lost control. How can I possibly continue to lose weight and stay on track in my weight management journey?

We may not be able to change what is happening around us, but we can change how we let this pandemic affect us, especially as individuals. Control what you can, Accept what you can’t.

Make A Game Plan
Everyone can benefit from structure. Sometimes sitting around all day is more exhausting than actually working! It never hurts to have a guided way to spend the day!
Include your action plan and any exercising goals you have as well!

Menu Plan
Menu planning is essential. Especially now! With the kitchen just steps away it can be very tempting to eat more than you need you.
Be aware of your triggers! Is it a certain food, room, person, emotion, activity etc.
By creating a weekly menu plan, not only are you establishing a routine but you are also bringing a sense of normal to your day.

Schedule Your Meals
Eating at the same time every day has many benefits.
Your body becomes more regulated.
Try to avoid grazing : Can you identify boredom, stress eating, or are you really hungry? Start a journal to identify grazing habits. Maybe you would benefit from smaller meals w/ a snack worked in – discuss with your Registered Dietitian.
Scheduled eating prevents us from forgetting to eat while we are working or busy – preventing possible binge eating as well!

Eat Foods that Nourish your Body
Our goal for you is to eat food that nourishes your body and makes you feel full!
This can be achieved by following your established Meal Plan: focus on 1 self meal (weight loss phase and beginning transition phase), using Meal Replacement choices for additional meals and snacks, and adequate hydration. If needed, you can use Meal Products for all meals !
You can have easy access to many different healthy Meal Replacement and snack options just go to our online store . All items are all consistent with the Program Phases!

Make Your Food Last
Whether you have 3 months, or just 3 days worth of food at home it can be a temptation!
One way to avoid the risk of over eating is to keep your food in a separate space.
Maybe a closed closet, pantry, the basement … We recommend only buying a week’s worth of groceries at a time. Having an abundance of food is not recommended.
Menu Planning is key.
Use your freshest ingredients first and rotate dry staples. This will also save you money!

Self Monitor
Self monitoring is very important!
You are the only one who can make the changes necessary to be successful!
Keep a log of everything you eat, drink and do!
If it helps, weigh yourself daily!
Self monitoring is a very effective way to control eating habits and being aware of health indicators ex: blood sugar levels and blood pressure .

Be Mindful
Be mindful of serving size vs portions.
Be mindful of your feelings and how you handle them.
Be mindful of your environment.
Try journaling or talking to a trusted friend when life gets overwhelming.

Stay Active
We are fortunate that it is now Spring and the weather is getting nicer every day!
We may have some limitations, but any activity is better than none!
Try a workout on youtube, climb the stairs, walk the dog, play with the children.. There are lots of ways to stay active!

Stay In Touch
Call us! Text us! Like us on Facebook! We want to hear from you!!
We also have a Facebook group you are welcome to join!
We want you to be as happy and healthy as possible! We are doing our best to be in contact with all of our patients for weekly phone weigh-ins for the time being.
Please let us know how you are doing!

CMM can help keep you on track!


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