What do our patients have to say about Lourdes?

David lost 170 lbs without surgery and finally underwent knee replacement surgery. He can now walk again!

Henry lost over 90 lbs and kept it off for more than a year without surgery! His pre-diabetes and hyperlipidemia have resolved.

Karel lost 80 lbs and maintained for 3 years. She fell in love with the low carb lifestyle and shares with our patients her awesome cooking tips and recipes.

Liz lost 56 Lbs and maintained it for 9 months. She reached her target weight for the first time in her life. Her confidence and self esteem improved dramatically and so did her prediabetes and hyperlipidemia.
Ron lost 143 Lbs without surgery. He has been maintaining his weight for over 2 years. Thanks to CMM he has transformed his lifestyle and became an avid cyclist.
Vicki lost 123 lbs without surgery-more than she had lost 10 years ago!  She changed her lifestyle and nutrition once and for all!