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Previously unavailable in NY Southern Tier, we, at Cardio-Metabolic Medicine, are pleased to offer a personalized, cutting-edge, comprehensive weight loss program directed by Dr. Eldad Einav, who is a cardiologist and an Obesity specialist.

The vision of Dr. Einav is to create a space completely devoted to weight loss. Cardiometabolic Medicine offers a multidisciplinary approach supported by our Physician, staff dietitian, health coaches, exercise physiologist, and others.

Our program provides reliable, proven long-term results supported by many testimonials from our satisfied patients.

What is a comprehensive weight-loss program?

  • Personalized Weight Loss Program
  • Close Physician Supervision
  • Intensive Behavioral Coaching
  • Dietitian Support
  • Exercise physiologist guidance
  • Support groups
  • Educational classes

We believe in personalized, one-on-one, long term weight loss program which encompasses the 4 core elements of weight management:

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Physical Activity

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Behavioral Intervention

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“I feel that weight management is a very powerful intervention which can significantly improve obesity related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has a life-changing impact with significant benefits to quality of life and longevity. Seeing my patients smile, telling me how their life has improved, is more than I could ask for.”

Dr. Eldad Einav

Mission Statement

To treat, inspire and support individuals who desire to lose excess weight for the long-term, reverse weight-related diseases, and promote wellness and well-being.