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About Cardiometabolic Medicine

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Previously unavailable in NY Southern Tier, we, at Cardio-Metabolic Medicine, are pleased to offer a personalized, cutting-edge, comprehensive weight loss program directed by Dr. Eldad Einav, who is a cardiologist and an Obesity specialist.

The vision of Dr. Einav is to create a space completely devoted to weight loss. Cardiometabolic Medicine offers a multidisciplinary approach supported by our Physician, staff dietitian, health coaches, exercise physiologist, and others.

Our program provides reliable, proven long-term results supported by many testimonials from our satisfied patients.

Some components of the program are covered by most major medical insurance plans. While other costs do vary, we have several options available to make sure that the perfect plan is affordable for you.  We can discuss these details during a free introductory visit.

What is a comprehensive weight-loss program?

  • Personalized Weight Loss Program
  • Close Physician Supervision
  • Intensive Behavioral Coaching
  • Dietitian Support
  • Exercise physiologist guidance
  • Support groups
  • Educational classes
We believe in personalized, one-on-one, long term weight loss program which encompasses the 4 core elements of weight management:
“I feel that weight management is a very powerful intervention which can significantly improve obesity related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has a life-changing impact with significant benefits to quality of life and longevity. Seeing my patients smile, telling me how their life has improved, is more than I could ask for.” Dr. Eldad Einav

Mission Statement

To treat, inspire and support individuals who desire to lose excess weight for the long-term, reverse weight-related diseases, and promote wellness and well-being.