Happy (&mindful) Holidays

last minute tips to keep in mind before during the holidays

A few practices will keep you on-track and will end up make you feel even happier and more content.


You can celebrate the holidays and still keep mindful…

Keep tracking while eating desert

Some feel they need to forget about tracking in order to really celebrate. The fact is that you may enjoy your holiday more if you keep tracking your food. It will help you avoid over-eating and engage in excessive unhealthy eating which may result in frustration and guilt.


Quick Tips

  • Keep mindful of portion size and alcohol drinks
  • Sit down while eating
  • Feel and show gratitude
  • Feel or show gratitude
  • Weigh yourself daily
  • Enjoy a walk or activity with love ones

Healthy practices while celebrating will make you enjoy it more!

Remember, the healthier you become, the more likely you are to share more quality time with your loved ones.

Isn’t that what the holiday spirit is all about?