When should you contact us?

You should contact CMM weight-loss program if you answer yes to any of these 10 questions:

  • You have failed losing and sustaining weight before and you feel discouraged to start over again.
  • You are eating healthy and exercise but you simply don’t lose weight.
  • You are starting to have health concerns related to your weight but you do not seem to make the necessary adjustments to improve it.
  • You realize you got too heavy and can no longer keep up with your kids or grandkids.
  • You are determined to break the yo-yo dieting cycle once and for all and sustain healthy weight long term.
  • You need to lose weight before an important surgery or an event.
  • You gave up losing weight on your own and you are considering bariatric surgery.
  • You are eating very little and still cannot seem to lose weight.
  • You are fed up with gimmicks and fad diets with false claims and failed promises.
  • You would like to engage in science-based medically sound program with proven Weightloss results.

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