August 2019


Nutrition in the News

Read about inflammation’s hidden role in weight loss, the role of the good bacteria in your gut, and how antibiotics in your food may affect digestion.

What Exactly is Intermittent Fasting?

It’s trending, but what exactly is it? And can it actually help you lose weight? Read about how managing insulin fluctuations between meals can help you manage your weight, from the University of Michigan.

A Change in Mindset Can Make All the Difference

Read this motivating story about how therapy helped one man banish sabotaging thoughts and lose 165 pounds. Your attitude and mental health are as vital to achieving your weight loss goals as your diet.

Keep an August Food Log, and Enter to Win a Fitbit!

Announcing Our End of Summer Promotion!

Food logging is the practice of recording your food intake. Writing down what we eat, portion size, and when we eat it allows us to more accurately measure calorie consumption, increasing accountability and allowing us to see patterns which we might otherwise miss. Studies show that food logging can aid weight loss and help maintain weight loss goals (Source: WebMD, American Journal of Preventative Medicine).

This promotion runs August 11 – September 8, 2019.

All clients may participate, but there is no obligation.

Each week, bring your log (written or digital) to the CMM office to be checked. An entry card will be provided and initialed by CMM staff. You may earn one entry card per week up to a total of four.

Write on the entry card your name and a brief personal statement of your observations from that week. Write about trends or patterns which you noticed, positive changes you made, areas needing improvement, etc.

Cards will be entered into a drawing box, and one winner will receive a Fitbit courtesy of the Cardio-Metabolic Med team!

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