Research shows that having a significant, value-based reason to lose weight increases success of weight loss efforts. A significant reason could serve as guidance, inspiration and motivation during your weight-loss journey.

This “ultimate why” , could be motivating even during difficult times like emotional stress, depression, facing setbacks, and impulsivity.

Ask yourself why do you really want to lose weight,?beyond appearance, and vanity related reasons. Try to explore deep inside to reveal a reason that touches your core values and provoke emotions.

If your reason is “being healthy”, ask why you desire better health?  Ask again and again until you uncover an emotion about something you feel you’re missing in life  Examples for meaningful reasons could be relationship related with loved ones, setting an example or being a better role model to your kids.

Reflect on these reasons and write up whatever comes up. Get specific and personal.

Use this ultimate WHY as a motivator whenever you feel triggered to overeat or pick the wrong choices and whenever you feel too lazy to start your physical activity routine.