There is some evidence to suggest benefits of mindful eating in weight loss. Some call it mindfulness guided cognitive therapy which has gained popularity in recent years.

Using some of the suggested techniques in your weight-loss attempts may actually improve eating behavior, and could result in weight loss. It has been proposed as a potential treatment for binge eating behavior.

Eating mindfully does not always come easily, and needs daily practice. However, some of mindfulness tips are worth remembering and could be helpful tools in your weight loss journey.

Sit down when eating, avoid distractions and multitasking like cell phones, TV or working.

Pay close attention to the food you are eating, it’s appearance, texture, smell and taste.

Chew well the food you are eating and savor every bite.

Practice putting your fork down after every bite. If you feel you are eating fast or mindlessly, take a break, excuse yourself or drink a sip of water. then try to re-center and continue with mindfulness.

Pause periodically and pay attention to your stomach, are you still hungry? Do you like your food? Or are you eating just because the food is there, or because you are bored/stressed?

You should really stop eating the minute you feel no longer hungry, or if you simply don’t like the food. You should stop eating regardless of how much food is left on your plate.

Avoiding mindless eating, for example, while watching TV, it helps to avoid overeating of high caloric food.