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Happy Holidays from Dr. E

Happy (&mindful) Holidays last minute tips to keep in mind before during the holidays A few practices will keep you on-track and will end up make you feel even happier and more content. Remember! You can celebrate the holidays and still keep mindful... Some feel...

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November Newsletter

In this months newsletter we look at what makes food taste so great. Hyper-palatable foods make up roughly 62% of the US food supply, does this lead to increased risk of obesity? We have a great featured recipe for a seasonal pumpkin flan. Nice and light for this...

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Dig deep to find your “Ultimate Why”

Research shows that having a significant, value-based reason to lose weight increases success of weight loss efforts. A significant reason could serve as guidance, inspiration and motivation during your weight-loss journey. This “ultimate why” , could be motivating...

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