Weight-loss plans

We offer a variety of weight-loss plans. Before you embark on your annual plan you are going to be evaluated by our physician and dietitian. You will discuss your weight-loss goals with the providers and will then be advised of the different options including the nutrition, physical activity and medications (if needed or desired) that best fit your needs and health. Plans change based on macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat and protein content) and caloric content. All plans are personally adjusted on a continuous basis. Weight-loss results are based on the nutritional plan and vary from person to person. For some of the plans, weight-loss rate is usually 2-4 lbs a week during the active Weight-loss phase.

We provide accelerated weight-loss programs for those wishing for a faster weight-loss during the active phase. An example is our low calorie diet, which incorporates meal replacements and real food. We replace some of the food intake with nutritionally balanced foods to provide 105 grams of protein and limited calorie content (800 kcal or less depending on weight-loss goals ). The higher protein content increases satiety and minimizes muscle loss during the rapid weight-loss phase.

Our keto-kickstart plan starts with a very low carbohydrates intake during the active phase (inducing nutritional ketosis) and transitions into moderately low carbohydrate content. Limiting carbohydrates are especially beneficial for individuals affected by diabetes or prediabetes.

Dietitian support

All patients are being periodically evaluated by our dietitian . The dietitian will discuss the multiple food options available in the plan, and give suggestions on how to best achieve your weight-loss goal in a healthy way.

Physical activity

We advise and prescribe a healthy exercise plan that can fit any body type. It is safe, low impact and has proven results that enhance your weight-loss goals. Both aerobic exercise and muscle strength are useful in maintaining a healthy weight and a basal metabolic rate (BMR). We constantly encourage and empower our patient to increase their activity level. We discuss their exercise goal in our visits and during group meetings with our exercise physiologist.


Weekly weight-loss coaching

Science shows that one-on-one, in-person visits are the most effective in losing weight. Our health coaches will monitor your weight and vital signs and discuss your daily behavior, successes and challenges.

They will become your weight-loss friend and support you on your weight-loss journey.

Patient education

Patients are being continuously educated about behavior, nutrition and physical activity which promotes weight-loss and healthy lifestyle.

Education takes place during sessions with our nutritionist dietitian, health coaches and during our group meetings and talks.

Group meetings

We facilitate group meetings to provide support , education and inspiration. Groups are being moderate by our physician, nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Some of the group topics are:

  • Sharing success stories
  • Exercise choices for disabled/ physically limited patients
  • Cooking and recipes
  • Weight-loss tips and tricks
  • Mindful eating
  • Stress reduction techniques and meditation


Physician supervised

You will have periodic visits with our physician to evaluate your response to the plan and the need for medication adjustments. The physician is also evaluating your blood pressure and heart rate, blood test results , your mood and overall well being.

Blood tests

We will monitor your blood test results, especially blood sugars, HbA1C (a diabetes marker) and lipid panel. We adjust the nutritional plan and medications accordingly.

Telemedicine & tracking devices

For those with a busy schedule, we can engage with you remotely on our telemedicine platform and app. We provide all variety of visits through our telemedicine platform including coaching sessions and visits with our providers. This platform can connect to tracking devices such as Fitbit and online scales.


Changing weight gaining medications

Many patients are not aware they are taking medications which significantly promote weight-gain (some antidepressants, cardiac medications and more). Our physician will review these medications and will suggest an alternative if indicated and appropriate. We work closely with your primary care doctor who should be aware of any change to your medications.

Weight loss medications

There are several FDA approved weight-loss medications which are shown to be safe and effective. These medications may suppress appetite, increase the feeling of fullness and/or increase metabolic rate. Some medications may significantly help sustain long-term weight-loss and improve weight-related disease.

If medically indicated and desired, we will review different medication options with you.