Many of us have been living with the diet mentality most of our adult life. We focus on weight loss with sheer will power, trying hard to restrict our caloric intake and increase physical activity. Hoping to reach a goal weight which will fix all our problems.
Unfortunately, this mentality has been shown to be ineffective. The diet mentality leads to restrictive eating patterns, followed by craving and overeating. It results in yo-yo dieting, worse body image, self-criticism and makes us unhappy and frustrated.
Many studies have shown, losing even a modest amount of weight using these strategies is very hard and sustaining even 5% weight loss is almost impossible long-term.
However,  there is a way out of this gloomy statistics,  We in Cardiometabolic Medicine Utilize updated, science-based protocols designed to change your thoughts and behaviors, and promote a healthy lifestyle and significant weight loss out of self-compassion, self-care, and acceptance. We use mindfulness and acceptance techniques that are shown to be effective in recent scientific studies.
We also utilize many other cutting edge tools. and tools. And it works, our Weight loss results are superior higher to other commercially available programs.
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